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About Polish Ceramics


The Bolesławiec ceramics are hand-made and hand-painted using a unique stamping technique featuring blue and white colours.

With 700 years of tradition of producing ceramics / pottery and commercial manufacturing since the nineteenth century, the blue and white patterns of Bolesławiec ceramics are unique, easily recognised and loved by consumers all over the world.

The “artistic” pieces are often supplemented with brush painting.

The tradition of producing this amazing ceramics in Bolesławiec, a town in south-western part of Poland near the German boarder, goes back 700 years.

This region is associated with the quality of the clay. Now being the center of “ceramics” production in Europe, Bolesławiec hosts many artists and producers.




You can select the pieces depending on the look you want to achieve.

Our favourite way is to “mix-and-match” the designs and shapes – as they usually have the blue & white colours, they will still look consistent, yet interesting.

Or you can just choose one pattern for all your different shapes.

There is no end to the possible combinations!